Rural Broadband TEST

Alaska Internet Speed Test Week
March 30th through April 5th, 2009

The NW Arctic Broadband Task Force, ASTE, AkDEC, and various internet-for-Alaska advocacy groups are gathering data about the state of Alaska to see what internet speeds actually exist in our villages and cities. We are working to get faster and more reliable internet access to our homes, schools, and businesses in all our villages. We need accurate data so we can have facts to present to the State and to the Federal Government about the need for better internet infrastructure, better connections, and faster/consistently reliable internet speeds.

If you think it is appropriate, please ask your distance students [during the test week of March 30 - April 5th]

to please log on to:


and run the test at home from 1 - 3 times total during this week. If your connection speed varies by time of day, you are welcome to run the test at different times; day, evening and night. Please don't run the test more than three times in this week, but please run it at least once.

Help and instructions are at:


Thanks for helping us to gather better broadband data for Alaska. Final
results will be available to the public through the above web site.