WiFi 'HighGain' Improv

I was getting some poor reception with the internal Intel wireless card while hoteling it...so with a little improvisation I was able to triple my local WiFI reception.

Dish construction is comprised of an oriental sieve/fryer/cooker (hey, I'm in Hawaii and they are readily available), plumbing fittings, a Hawking mini wireless-G USB adapter (HWU54G), a ten foot usb extension cable, some copper wire, fine clippers (for opening up the sieve, some foam sheeting and about 10 minutes of work!


Use 'net stumbler' to survey your local sites http://www.netstumbler.com/

~10db gain+

WiFi Antenna 1

WiFi Antenna 2

WiFi Antenna 3

WiFi Antenna 4

WiFi Antenna 5

WiFi Antenna 6