Technology Training for Rural Alaskans

Bethel Native Corporation
Kuskokwim Campus UAF

Defining Successful Efforts
Infostructure Development in Rural Alaska


Over the last 4 years, The BNC Workers’ Academy has developed a new and very successful, village based, computer-training model in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta that has demonstrated major successes in initiating the office based software “infostructure” training. Established by Bethel Native Corporation with a 4-year Federally earmarked Department of Labor grant, this unique outreach program has established working partnerships with some 100 village employers and provided accredited computer training to over 400 employees over it first 4 years of operation. During this current fiscal year funded by a 1-year State DOL STEP grant, the Academy has delivered village based training to over 70 employees from 25 employers in 6 villages.

Moving Computers
Loading the mobile computer-lab on the small plane
destined for another village in the YK Delta

In partnership with Computer Information and Office Systems (CIOS) Department at Kuskokwim Campus, UAF, Bethel, Alaska, WA has established a first-ever, office-based computer software outreach-training program able to provide village-based, accredited “intensive” training to local village workforces. A portable 16-laptop computer lab travels with the teacher to a local village for quick classroom setup.

Aniak Training
Computer Training in Aniak

· Over the last 3 years, 40 classes completed in Bethel and 15 villages to over 400 employees of 100 village employers where the laptop lab and teacher has logged over 4,000 miles of travel.

· The 1 and 2 credit “intensive” classes have offered most village trainees their first formal computer training and 40% of all successful trainees have earned their first-ever college credit.

· WA employee graduates almost double the region’s college annual enrollment.

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