Internet Telephony

I recently read a note on the digital divide network regarding FCC Chair Michael Powell making reference to VoIP regulatory issues and the liberties at hand.

...Michael Powell discussed Skype and how applications like that are
changing world of media and telco regulations a few months ago at
AlwaysOn. You can listen to his speech from the AlwaysOn server as a
streaming DRM'ed Real or Windows Media file...


At 18 minutes into the speech, Michael Powell responds to this quote...

³I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype. When the inventors of
KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to
talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it¹s free ­ it¹s
over. The world will change now inevitably.²

-21 minutes in, MP - "One of the hardest things I'm trying to convince
governors presidents and leaders of the world [about]. Your kidding
yourself if you think you can trap this in your little glass bottle like
you're accustom to doing. The phone system right now is regulated on
all kinds of metrics that will not ever work again."

"We're very accustom in law to regulating based on geography, distance,
and time. All of which the internet shatters. Time becomes almost
imperceptible, distance is unimportant, and geography is fiction."

"Go ahead... make this world hostile for VOIP. It will just go to


skype perhaps of interest

Digital Divide perhaps of interest

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SKYPE...in use!

Download and installation was a breeze...the interface is very clean and very similar to yahoo messenger!

I purchased 10$ Euro of SKYPEOUT service...connection to the PSTN and have been making calls all over the world...at ~ 2 cents per minute...initially had some difficulty with 9503# error but it appears to have corrected inself.

Good service. End users note that the connection is clear and uninterupted...naturally there is

The only benefit over yahoo net2phone is the ability to access other SKYPE user free of charge.

Will continue testing...more later